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Question: What cause the Red Ring of Death (RROD)?
       Answer: Mainly heat. During normal game play, your xbox 360 generated excessive heat inside the xbox
                      and cause the GPU and CPU and other small components' soldering points to break. When you
                      turn on and off and xbox 360 get hot and cool. After for a long period of time, those little
                      soldering points will break and loosing their connection. The result of Red Ring of Death. Such as
                      E68, E71, E73, E74, E79, no video, game freeze, 1 red light, 2 red lights, 3 red lights, 4 red lights,
                      and ETC... The heat also can cause the GPU, CPU and many other small components to go bad
                      such as capacitors, diodes, resistors, inductors, regulators, I/O controller chip, ethernet chip,
                      power chip, voltage regulator chip and ETC...

Question: What should I do when I got Red Ring of Death?
      Answer: Simple, pick up the phone and dial (770)242-8877. We will repair your xbox for $50. But I
                       can tell you what you should NOT DO. DO NOT wrap your xbox with a towel or put pennies on
                       the ANA chip or replace the X-Clamp with some screws and nuts or use heatgun to heatup the
                       GPU and CPU. This will cause more damage to your logic board. These simple tricks are making
                       the problem worse. These tricks are temporary fix and they will stop working within a month or

Question: How do I prevent the Red Ring of Death?

       Answer: The main issue with xbox is poor ventilation design. Like I said before, the xbox generated                       excessive heat inside the xbox and cause the GPU and CPU and other small components'
                      soldering points to break or go bad because of the poor ventilation design. We redesigned the
                      xbox ventilation system to make the xbox to run cooler and smoother. This will prevent the Red
                      Ring of Death. If you would like to improve the ventalition system, please ask when you come in
                      for service.

Question: Why choose you for the repair than other repair shops?
       Answer: We have been in components level repair business for 16 years. We are a legit business that you
                      can walk in to the store and get things done fast. We are fully licensed and insured. All our
                      technicians are A+ certified and well trained component level technician with years of
                      experience. Most of our repair come with 90 days parts and labor warranty. We had repaired
                      over 3000 game consoles last year along. We use top of the line professional infrared reflow
                      machine. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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